Fiction: Shopping at Target

Shopping at Target You go to Target to imagine new lives for yourself. The right combination of pastel towels, earthenware bowls, enameled frying pans, and sandalwood candles will make you the kind of hip-but-doesn't-know-it, down-to-earth homemaking career woman goddess you aspire to be. Or, you might find the perfect blend of jewel-toned eye shadow palettes,… Continue reading Fiction: Shopping at Target

Fiction: Waiting For Laundry

Waiting For Laundry There are few things in life more pleasant than waiting for your laundry at the laundromat. There's the warmth of a room full of dozens of humming machines, the clink of quarters against metal slots, the muddled smell of mildew and detergent, the atmosphere of anticipation. You are rarely alone at the… Continue reading Fiction: Waiting For Laundry

Craft: Living Like an Artist

As a writer, it is important to get into the mindset of being an artist. Because writing is more cerebral than visual, it's easy to get into a rut, chaining ourselves to our desks or spiraling into despair. Not that I've ever done that. To avoid this kind of stagnation, it can be useful to… Continue reading Craft: Living Like an Artist

Craft: Getting Inspired When You Have Nothing to Write About

I’m not a glutton for raw experience. I don’t typically hanker for a round of skydiving or a bout of bungee jumping. I’ve never gone clubbing. Riding the tallest roller coaster in the world sounds terrible. “High Adrenaline” and “Fun” are not synonymous to me. Don’t get me wrong; I do have my amusements. I… Continue reading Craft: Getting Inspired When You Have Nothing to Write About

Fiction: Playing With Cats

This is part of my newest project: a novel centered around a young woman living on her own in the city. My idea for the novel is to tell it in vignettes, little scenes that sketch out who she is and the events that unfold for her. Enjoy! Playing With Cats      You know you’re… Continue reading Fiction: Playing With Cats