Welcome (Back)

I’ve waffled a lot over whether to start this blog. I’ve had a blog in some way, shape, or form since 2013, maybe earlier, and while I’ve always had a love for blogging, I could never hit upon the right niche, or focus, or level of coolness I aspired to, and always ended up feeling defeated. It was like I had an itch I couldn’t scratch, no matter how hard I tried.

But, I’m a writer, and damn it, I just really need to be writing. Consistently, publicly, creatively. It’s hard, if you’re a fiction writer like me, to fit your writing around a blog. I’m torn between wanting to share my work, and protecting it because itmightnotbefinishedyet and publisherswon’tconsideritifit’salreadypublishedhere. So I’ve decided on a compromise: this site will be where I share a “fun” fiction project I’ve been working on, a story told in little vignettes as a character lives life in her city. It will also, hopefully, be a place where I share my writing process and unsolicited opinions on pop culture I’m consuming way past its prime. Ideally, this will also be a place that I can point to and prove to others, if not myself, that I really am a writer. Because if it’s not on the internet, does it even exist?

My name’s Hannah, by the way. I’m a fiction writer from Pittsburgh, PA, a native of rural PA, a grad student working toward my Master of Fine Arts in creative writing (I think I’m almost done), and someone with experience as a writing teacher, tutor, freelancer, and editor. On most days, I work as a florist. I’m trying really hard to publish my stories. (I’m getting really good at rejection.) I love story; it’s so sacred and connected to who we are, making us human, running through our veins and weaving into every heartbeat. Every moment of life, to me, is significant, and deserves to be preserved. I am inspired by nostalgia, nature, and spirituality.

Thanks for visiting my neck of the proverbial woods.

2 thoughts on “Welcome (Back)”

  1. As someone who writes as well as you do, I’m surprised it took you this long to start up your blog. One paragraph in and I already love your work. Would love to read more non-fiction stuff about your writing processes, creative routines, and just general life as well. Wishing you all the best with your blogging pursuits!


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