Fiction: Shopping at Target

Shopping at Target

You go to Target to imagine new lives for yourself. The right combination of pastel towels, earthenware bowls, enameled frying pans, and sandalwood candles will make you the kind of hip-but-doesn’t-know-it, down-to-earth homemaking career woman goddess you aspire to be. Or, you might find the perfect blend of jewel-toned eye shadow palettes, funky tasseled pillows, beaded necklaces, and meditation crystals that will transform you into a free spirit who lives off the land and its cosmic energy, who doesn’t give a damn about society or what other people think. Or perhaps, and more likely, you set the bar very low, and find the comfiest french terry jogger jumpsuit, chenille pullover sweater, and bags of candy and potato chips. Maybe you pick up a few face masks and a scrunchie for your hair, and call it a self-care day, and decide to become those other grandiose women another time.

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