News: Book Cover Reveal!

My upcoming novel, And It All Came Tumbling Down, has a cover!

When I first saw this image by local photographer Greg Clary, I was captivated. The picture brings to mind themes of post-industrialism, the pull of the past and the lure of the future, ideas of escape and moving on. The remoteness of nature, the threat of an oncoming storm, and the spookiness of black-and-white photography are all here, and all of them are what the book itself deals with one way or another.

I’ll have more updates on the book soon… we are getting so close to it being available, and when it is I’ll have links up on the website for preordering. The book will be available just in time for the holidays, the perfect opportunity to give the gift of local literature, supporting indie publishers (and your friendly neighborhood author!) in the process.

Stay tuned!


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