About Me

Hi, I’m Hannah!

I’m a writer, artist, part-time English professor, and freelancer living and working in Pittsburgh.

My creative work centers around the bittersweet beauty of forgotten places, the experiences of women, the process of religious deconstruction and reconstruction, and the significance of small stories.

Recently, I’ve celebrated the publication of my debut novel, And It All Came Tumbling Down, from The Watershed Journal Literary Group. This novel, set among the ghost towns of the PA Wilds, explores a character’s grief after great loss, her reckoning with the place and faith of her ancestors, and her process of forging a new identity despite the haunting of the past. For more information, click here!

Get In Touch

Contact me for questions about speaking, writing, or freelance opportunities.

Upcoming Events

Reading at Geneva College, April 22, 2022

Reading at WANA LIVE! April 28, 2022

Reading at Artist’s Attic, May 21, 2022