And It All Came Tumbling Down

And It All Came Tumbling Down:

A novel set among the oil ghost towns of Western Pennsylvania.

Amy Reilly grew up in the rural town of Haven in the Oil Region of Western Pennsylvania, a once-prosperous land where oil barons built magnificent mansions and grand boomtowns. Now the boomtowns are ghost towns, the money is gone, and nature is reclaiming the land inch by inch.

As soon as she was old enough, Amy left the town behind and started a new life in Pittsburgh, where everything was more exciting and she could forge a new identity. In the city, Amy could be a speck in so many layers of strata: invisible, mysterious, reinvented.

But a family tragedy pulls Amy back to Haven again where she must reckon with the identity she left behind. Conflicting family dynamics, religious trauma, and the haunting of the past remind her that Haven is still in her blood, whether she wants it to be or not. Amy is forced to try to make peace with the past, to face her fears, and to choose a new way, before she loses everything that is most important to her.

This story is one of grief, faith deconstruction, family and spirituality. 

– Eady Jay, Writer

At its heart … this is a story of a woman whose faith is shaken, and how she comes to terms with a God that she no longer believes is real. And you are with her, through every outburst, every argument, every paroxysm of grief, and every revelation.

– Patricia Thrushart, Author and Poet

…this coming-of-age story reflects issues that society struggles with (religious views, urban vs. rural, loss, and the definition of family) through one young woman’s story. Kennedy beautifully captures the struggle of reconciling who we are raised to be in order to discover and grow into who we become as an adult.

– Donna Dzurilla, Writer

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