Branding And Websites

I love working with my small business and entrepreneur clients

to build something beautiful.

I’ve collaborated with writers, engineers, aromatherapists, and more to put their best foot forward on the internet, without gimmicks, complications, or excessive expense. The goal of crafting a website and brand is to create a simple, beautiful space where you can connect with your clients and tell your story.

Here’s a sample of some of my favorite branding and website work.

Julia Allman

Coach, Writer, and Speaker

I helped Julia rebrand her existing website into something feminine, natural, and optimistic, supporting her ventures in life coaching, motivational writing, and aromatherapy. Her brand takes inspiration from the Pennsylvania woods, the French countryside, and vintage apothecary aesthetic.

Additive Enginuity

Empathetic, Intuitive 3D Printing

I was drawn to Additive Enginuity because of their unique value in the 3D printing industry: they offer the design and production of personalized tools for employees in the manufacturing sector who struggle with disabilities, injuries, or other ergonomic difficulties. Additive Enginuity marries timeless workmanship with cutting-edge technology. We reflected this balance with bridge imagery, the steady and reliable nature of trees and old tools, and a naturalistic color palette.

Peaces for You

Massage, Halotherapy, Infrared Sauna

Peaces for You offers various styles of massage therapy, halo (salt) therapy, and a state-of-the-art infrared sauna, all in my hometown of Oil City, Pennsylvania. For their website, they wanted a clean and simple design with soft, calming colors reminiscent of a relaxing day at the beach. This brand was inspired by organic textures and natural beauty, and the symbolism of the lion and the lamb was such a fitting image for the logo, representing peace and harmony.

The Broken Journey

Custom Stained Glass Art by Wendy Kay

Wendy is a skilled stained glass artist who specializes in designing custom wall hangings, suncatchers, and ornaments to commemorate a special memory or event. She wanted her brand to reflect lightness, freedom, and hope, and to bring awareness to domestic and sexual violence issues, ideas which went into the design of her logo.

“Hannah is very insightful and intuitive in her approach to developing a web design, marketing, and written business content strategy. Through our conversations in her helping me to better define the vision of my company and web presence, Hannah always reinforced that I was the ‘expert in my field’ and that it was her job to help me best identify, define, and express that presence. Throughout the process, she’d ask provoking questions in order to gain a better understanding of my thoughts, help me clarify those thoughts, and always made me feel respected, valued, and professional.

-Additive Enginuity Group