News: Book Cover Reveal!

My upcoming novel, And It All Came Tumbling Down, has a cover! When I first saw this image by local photographer Greg Clary, I was captivated. The picture brings to mind themes of post-industrialism, the pull of the past and the lure of the future, ideas of escape and moving on. The remoteness of nature,… Continue reading News: Book Cover Reveal!

Habits to Feed the Creative Soul: Taking Note

What is feeding my creative soul? I've been asking myself this a lot recently. After a season of busyness, following a year and a half of general uncertainty, it's especially hard to get back in touch with what truly nourishes the soul. This process is honestly terrifying; it's easy enough to say you'll start a… Continue reading Habits to Feed the Creative Soul: Taking Note

Craft: Living Like an Artist

As a writer, it is important to get into the mindset of being an artist. Because writing is more cerebral than visual, it's easy to get into a rut, chaining ourselves to our desks or spiraling into despair. Not that I've ever done that. To avoid this kind of stagnation, it can be useful to… Continue reading Craft: Living Like an Artist