Tension and Home Place: The Choice to Leave or to Stay

Donnie Rosie Pennsylvania Sheep Countryside

So often in movies, in TV, in novels, in the stories of ordinary people, the choice between the big city and small town, or suburbia and a tight-knit village, or a life of adventure and a life of contentment, is a clear-cut, obvious choice. It is a simple binary, an easy moral decision. The flavor that the individual story may take is different, but the message is the same: you can't have both options; you must pick one.

Habits to Feed the Creative Soul Part 5: Connect With Nature

Apologies for finishing this series so late. My goal was to spend, at most, five weeks talking about my goals to feed my creative soul this summer, and, well... the summer is just about over, so I guess this still counts. Over the past few months I've been discussing different ways that, as writers, creatives,… Continue reading Habits to Feed the Creative Soul Part 5: Connect With Nature