Mount Royal Boulevard, 1966

This poem originally appeared in the journal In Parentheses Vol. 7, Issue 2, Fall 2021. Mount Royal Boulevard, 1966 I will not take Mount Royal Boulevard.Not since April third,the rainy night at the tight curvehalfway down the road,when the tires shrieked,and the maple treecracked in halffrom the forceof the red Ford Mustang.The glass on the… Continue reading Mount Royal Boulevard, 1966

(Long Overdue) News: Debut Novel Publication!

It's high time for me to announce some belated good news here! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, or if you've looked around the site, you probably know, but if not, here it is: My first novel is getting published! Over the past few weeks. I've been working with the lovely folks at… Continue reading (Long Overdue) News: Debut Novel Publication!

Habits to Feed the Creative Soul: Taking Note

What is feeding my creative soul? I've been asking myself this a lot recently. After a season of busyness, following a year and a half of general uncertainty, it's especially hard to get back in touch with what truly nourishes the soul. This process is honestly terrifying; it's easy enough to say you'll start a… Continue reading Habits to Feed the Creative Soul: Taking Note

Fiction: Visiting the Carnegie Museum of Art (and Natural History)

When you were eight, you brought your throwaway camera. You took pictures of the dinosaur skeletons, the big mirrored room of rocks and crystals, the temporary exhibit of fine jewelry, where the security guard told you photos were not allowed, and your face got bright red in embarrassment, and you slipped the camera in your… Continue reading Fiction: Visiting the Carnegie Museum of Art (and Natural History)

Craft: Writing Like a Four-Year-Old

On a recent reread of Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which led to a massive reevaluation of my life priorities and six bags of stuff being sent to the thrift store (but that's another story), I came across an interesting piece of advice. If you're familiar with the book at all, you… Continue reading Craft: Writing Like a Four-Year-Old

Fiction: Shopping at Target

Shopping at Target You go to Target to imagine new lives for yourself. The right combination of pastel towels, earthenware bowls, enameled frying pans, and sandalwood candles will make you the kind of hip-but-doesn't-know-it, down-to-earth homemaking career woman goddess you aspire to be. Or, you might find the perfect blend of jewel-toned eye shadow palettes,… Continue reading Fiction: Shopping at Target

Fiction: Waiting For Laundry

Waiting For Laundry There are few things in life more pleasant than waiting for your laundry at the laundromat. There's the warmth of a room full of dozens of humming machines, the clink of quarters against metal slots, the muddled smell of mildew and detergent, the atmosphere of anticipation. You are rarely alone at the… Continue reading Fiction: Waiting For Laundry