This flash fiction piece originally appeared in the Fall 2021 issue of :Lexicon, the literary magazine of the English Department at Duquesne University. Enjoy! Sunbathing You go to the Schenley Park Overlook, a wide grassy plain surrounded by trees, with a little dip of a hill in the middle. From here you can see the… Continue reading Sunbathing

Mount Royal Boulevard, 1966

This poem originally appeared in the journal In Parentheses Vol. 7, Issue 2, Fall 2021. Mount Royal Boulevard, 1966 I will not take Mount Royal Boulevard. Not since April third, the rainy night at the tight curve halfway down the road, when the tires shrieked, and the maple tree cracked in half from the force… Continue reading Mount Royal Boulevard, 1966

Habits to Feed the Creative Soul: Taking Note

What is feeding my creative soul? I've been asking myself this a lot recently. After a season of busyness, following a year and a half of general uncertainty, it's especially hard to get back in touch with what truly nourishes the soul. This process is honestly terrifying; it's easy enough to say you'll start a… Continue reading Habits to Feed the Creative Soul: Taking Note

Fiction: Visiting the Carnegie Museum of Art (and Natural History)

When you were eight, you brought your throwaway camera. You took pictures of the dinosaur skeletons, the big mirrored room of rocks and crystals, the temporary exhibit of fine jewelry, where the security guard told you photos were not allowed, and your face got bright red in embarrassment, and you slipped the camera in your… Continue reading Fiction: Visiting the Carnegie Museum of Art (and Natural History)