News: The Book is Out!

In true form, I’ve neglected to update news of my writing escapades here, and I instead let everyone else on every other social media platform know. I have to start getting better at this! (Maybe a New Year’s resolution is on the horizon).

Okay, now the news: my book is out!

And It All Came Tumbling Down, a novel set in rural Northern Appalachia, is out and available for purchase. It’s a story about grief, sisterhood, place and home, the struggle to find one’s identity and the aftermath of religious deconstruction. I’m so proud of this book, and so excited that it’s finally out in the world!

Books are available to buy through the publisher here, or through Amazon. I will have some updates about ordering through this site, so stay tuned!

Have you taken a look at the book yet? What do you think?

Happy Monday!


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